Founded in 1938, the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Women, Inc. (MAIW) is a non-profit association that serves its members by providing professional education, an environment in which to build business alliances, and the opportunity to make connections with people of differing career paths and levels of experience in the insurance and risk management industry.

Mission Statement: Educate and Empower Insurance Professionals

The mission of The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Women (MAIW) is to provide quality professional and personal development through education, networking and community support.

You probably know someone who belongs to MAIW. With nearly 300 members, we bet you know someone who belongs to MAIW. There are over 120 employers who have at least one employee that belongs to MAIW.

  • When possible, MAIW offers FREE education to its members.
  • MAIW has been around a long time. Over 80 years! Founded as an association for women providing Education and Fellowship, we’ve been assisting Massachusetts insurance professionals for many years.
  • MAIW Chapters meeting monthly. There are nine chapters that meet monthly. All Chapters come together for three state meeting with our annual meeting taking place in late April/early May. When you add it up, MAIW has roughly 66 meetings throughout the year!
  • MAIW is NOT exclusively for women. Times have changed, and we have members who are male and encourage anyone in the insurance industry to join.
  • MAIW annual dues are a bargain. Annual dues are $60. Where else can you get Education & Fellowship for that amount?
  • MAIW offers scholarships to its members – MAIW Scholarships are awarded to members in the spring at our annual meeting.
  • You get to know others in the industry. Every member has strengths. As you get to know your fellow members, you will see them as a resource as well as friends.
  • You can help out your community. Most chapters volunteer in their community. Shelters, schools, police, and fire, as well as food pantries – just to name a few.
  • MAIW offers leadership opportunities. Leadership brings confidence! There are many levels of leadership in MAIW. You can be a leader in your chapter or at the state level. The possibilities are up to you.
  • MAIW can help your office’s bottom line. Let’s face it, a knowledgeable employee will sell better and reduce your E&O. For $60 a year – isn’t that the best reason to belong?

Become a member now! We look forward to meeting you soon!

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